Sample Deed


Mary Witt Terrill et al                                           TO                                       Susie C. Witt Baldwin


            This deed of conveyance, made this January 31st, 1911, by and between Mary Witt Terrill, and J. M. Terrill, her husband of Kingston Madison County Kentucky, and G. M. Terrill, a single person and the only heir at law of Joseph Terrill, and Annie Witt Terrill, said Annie Witt Terrill being now dead, of Kingston Madison County Kentucky, and Nannie R. Witt, widow of T. C. Witt of Kingston Madison County Kentucky parties of the first part and Susie C. Witt Baldwin and C. W. Baldwin, her husband of Danville Boyle County Kentucky, parties of the second part;

            Witnesseth; that said parties of the first part in consideration of a certain deed of conveyance, the execution and delivery of which is acknowledged covering and conveying a one fourth interest in a store house and lot of land at Kingston Madison County Kentucky, from second parties first parties and the receipt of which deed, is acknowledged first parties have bargained and sold and do hereby grant and convey unto parties of the second part their heirs and assigns, the following property, to-wit:

            Being the undivided three fourths interest in five certain lots of land located in Hamilton County State of Ohio, and being lot No. 7 in Block No. 6 and lots 1 and 2 in Block No. 7 and lots No. 1 and 2 in block No. 8 in James W. Sibley’s second subdivision of Terrace Park in Section No. 22 and No. 23 Township No. 5 fractional range No. 2 Columbia Township, Hamilton County Ohio, said lots being the same that were inherited from T. C. Witt deceased the father of T. M. Witt and Mary Witt Terrill and the grandfather of G. M. Terrill said T. C. Witt who held title of same under deed of general warranty, executed by Mary B. Todd and others, dated October 1st 1904 and recorded in Hamilton County Clerk’s office, in Deed Book 943 page 131 to which reference is made the said T. C. Witt having departed life on – day of 1905 a citizen and resident of Madison County Kentucky, intestate and having left as his only heirs at law his children T. M. Will, Mary Witt Terrill, and said Susie C. Witt Baldwin, and his grandson and said G. M. Terrill, the said G. M. Terrill being the son and only heir at law of Annie Witt Terrill, former wife of said J. M. Terrill and the said Nannie R. Witt widow aforesaid, and the said T. M. Witt having by this deed dated January 31st, 1908 sold and conveyed his undivided one-fourth interest in and to the above described property of said J. M. Terrill which deed is recorded in Deed Book 1005 page 443 in said Clerk’s office of Hamilton county Ohio, and the said Nannie R. Witt, widow aforesaid uniting in this deed of conveyance and selling and conveying absolutely all of her right, title and interest in and to the said above described lots of land owned or which she might otherwise be entitled to as surviving widow of said T. C. Witt deceased:

            To have and to Hold the above described lots of land together with all and singular the appurtenances thereto belonging, or appertaining unto the said Susie C. Witt Baldwin and C. W. Baldwin parties of the second part hereto, their heirs and assigns forever, with covenant of general warranty of title thereto:

            In Testimony Whereof, witness the hands of first parties the date first above given

            Mary Witt Terrill                                                           Nannie R. Witt
            J. M. Terrill                                                                  G. M. Terrill

State of Kentucky County of Madison