Terrace Park Ohio Building Survey - Definitions

The following is a list of fields on the Survey Form and a definition or description of those fields.

Field Definition
No Number on street.  -1, -2:  these refer to a 1st house and a 2nd replacement house on the same land and at the same number on the street.
Street Name of street
Name Some houses have names but most do not.
Family The name of the family living there now (not necessarily the owner)
Owner Info Information given to us by an owner of the house, but not necessarily by the current owner
Built Date when built
Sec Section number - Ohio is divided into square sections.  Terrace Park lies in section 22, 23, 28, 29.
Sub Subdivision (Terrace Park has 31 subdivisions plus Columbia)
Lot Lot number(s)
Architect Name of architect
Cont/Builder Name of contractor or builder
# Owners Number of owners. F = family(ies)
Original Use Original use of building (Residential/Business)
Current use Current use of building (Residential/Business)
STYLE Ranch, Split level, Colonial, Victorian, Transitional, Traditional, Cape Cod, Bungalow, English, Dutch, Contemporary, Miscellaneous.  There is a lot of variation and controversy about some of these descriptions
CHANGES As Built: Y/N - Is the building essentially as originally built?
Add  To: Y/N - Have there been additions?
Sub From: Y/N - Have there been parts that have been removed?
Replace: Y/N - Has the entire building been replaced?
(Changes) A description of the changes.  Much of this information comes from building permits.
Current Owner Name of current owner
Date Fr Date when purchased
Date To Date when sold
Original Owner Name of original owner
Other owners Names of other owners
1975 owner Name of owner in 1975
Description Description of the building
Story 1; 2 etc. Information about the building, people living there and any other pertinent stories.
1959 Directory Listing in the 1959 Terrace Park phone book (not necessarily the owner)
1960 Directory (etc.) Listings in 1960 and other Terrace Park phone books (not necessarily the owners)