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Notes Concerning Graduates

Virginia Marquette has much more information about Terrace Park High School and its graduates.

Foster family - Mrs. Louise  Foster (1890-1955) taught at Terrace Park High School from 1925-1950.  She was principal there from 1943-1946.  She and her three children travelled by train to Terrace Park from Butterworth station in Foster, Ohio.  Thomas B. Foster (1932) died on January 22, 2009, his sister, Nancy (1930) died in 2003.  Gordon (1935) is still living in 2011. 
From an obituary for Thomas B. Foster obituary (2009) "Tom was a direct descendant of the Butterworths, a pioneer Warren County family who settled on the banks of the Little Miami River in 1812.   Tom spent much of his youth living in the family home.  He attended the Foster School, the Maineville School, the Smith Special School, and was graduated from Terrace Park High School. 
A graduate of Wooster College, Tom taught for two years at Ross School.  From there he went on to Union Theological Seminary in New York City where he studied under such notables as George Buttrick, Paul Tillich, Henry Sloan Coffin, and Reinhold Neibuhr.  During his seminary years he worked at the Presbyterian Labor Temple and at the Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church.
After his graduation from seminary he spent five years at The Board of National Missions in NYC as Directory of the War Service Unit. 
He then went on to organize and head-up Larger Parishes in Texas and Tennessee.  From there he went into executive work and was a Presbyterian Executive in Ohio and in Pennsylvania.  He was Head of the Commission on Religion and Race for the Synod of Ohio during the 1960s. 
Upon his return to his home in Ohio, he served as an Interim in Michigan, Madeira, Somerset, and Montgomery. 
He is survived by his wife, his brother, his three sons, and his three grandsons."


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