Terrace Park Ohio Building Survey - Census Records

The census records have been created from information obtained from the original records as seen on the Internet.  The records are often difficult to read and we have made our best efforts to transcribe the information correctly.  However, all names and other information should be considered suspect and open to interpretation.

The census taker, the enumerator, records the information by going from house to house.

At the time of the census there were no house numbers and therefore the enumerator recorded the Dwelling number (D#) and the Family number (F#) for the entire census.  Occasionally there are 2 families living in one dwelling.  We have made great efforts to put people into the correct house.

Some street names have changed since the time the census was taken.  Wherever possible, we have changed the names to conform to the modern layout.  Also, occasionally the enumerator would come to a corner and enter the wrong street name.

We have listed the households in each census giving the name of the Head of Household (usually the senior male), the occupation (if any) and the house in which we believe they lived at that time.  If the address field is blank, we do not know where they were living and would appreciate help in locating their correct address.

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